Call for entries open

ficmonterrey -The Monterrey International Film Festival invites you to participate in its seventeenth edition, to take place August 19 to 26, 2021.


1. Eligibility. Short-length and full-length films produced after January 1, 2019 are eligible to participate. All registered titles must at least be local (Nuevo Leon) premieres. International/National premieres are preferred.

2. Film length. Short films must be between 1 and 30 minutes long. Full-length films must be longer than 60 minutes. Medium-length films will not be accepted in any category.

3. Registry. Feature and short films opting for selection in competitive and non-competitive sections must be submitted exclusively through the following platforms:


  • No other submission format shall be accepted (including Vimeo, YouTube, ftp, WeTransfer or any others).
  • Filmmakers can enter as many films as they see fit.
  • Works in progress will not be accepted.
  • Films whose original language is Spanish do not need to submit subtitles for registration; however, any other film made in a language different from Spanish must have Spanish and/or English subtitles.
  • It is not necessary to submit any other documents until the film is selected. The selection will be notified via email.
  • Registering a film to the Festival means accepting the conditions of this call for entries.

4. The producers should own the rights of all the materials resulting in the final film: script, music, audio, pictures, etc. At any moment in the selection process, the Festival can request a letter from the distributor or producer to certify the possession of the rights. In case the participant does not submit such documents, the film will be immediately disqualified from the selection process.


5. All participants can submit their films in the following available categories:

I. International: Any nationality except Mexican. In case of co-productions with Mexico, the director must choose a single category in which to participate (International/Mexican):

  • International Feature Films: Fiction
  • International Feature Films: Documentary
  • International Feature Films: Animation
  • International Short Films: Fiction
  • International Short Films: Documentary
  • International Short Films: Animation

II. Mexican: Only films produced with Mexican funding will be considered for this category. In case of international co-productions, the director must choose a single category in which to participate (International/Mexican):

  • Mexican Feature Films: Fiction
  • Mexican Feature Films: Documentary
  • Mexican Short Films: Fiction
  • Mexican Short Films: Documentary
  • Mexican Short Films: Animation

III. Nuevo León: This section is for any full-length/short film: feature, documentary or animated film in the following categories:

  • Nuevo León Feature Film *
  • Nuevo León Short Film *

* The films submitted in this section should meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. The film has been directed, produced, written and/or starred by people born in Nuevo Leon (residents for at least 3 years).
  2. The film has been shot, at least 70%, in Nuevo Leon.
  3. The film has been produced by a person or production company whose head office is in Nuevo Leon.

IV. KinoStart*: This section is for Mexican student short films of all advanced studies levels, from technical programs to postgraduate. Only students, not teachers, can participate. It is very important that the logo of the institution to which the student belongs appears in the credits of the short film.

*The Festival reserves the right to demand proof that the producer or director are students.


6. This call for entries has three periods (Costs subject to currency exchange rate at the time of the transaction).

I. Early bird: October 15th to December 31st, 2020

  • International Short Films: $5 USD
  • Mexican Short Films: $2 USD
  • International and Mexican Feature Film: $7 USD
  • Nuevo Leon section, feature and short films: without fee

II. Regular entry: January 1st to March 15th, 2021

  • International Short Film: $8 USD
  • Mexican Short Films: $4 USD
  • Nuevo Leon Short Film: $ 4 USD
  • Mexican and International Feature Film: $10 USD
  • Nuevo Leon Feature Film: $8 USD

III. Late entry: March 16th to April 16th, 2021

  • International Short Film: $12 USD
  • Mexican Short Film: $8 USD
  • Nuevo Leon Short Film: $5 UDS
  • Mexican and International Feature Film: $15 USD
  • Nuevo Leon Feature Film: $9 USD

7. The payment of the entry fee is the participant’s responsibility, and does not, in any way, guarantee the film’s participation in the Official Selection of the Festival.


8. Due to the volume of entries, arrival of submissions and preview copies cannot be confirmed except through each submission platform’s own notification process. Only selected films will be notified via email. The programming team’s decision is final.

9. The final Official Selection will be announced online at www.ficmonterrey.com after July 30, 2021. www.ficmonterrey.com

10. Registered films must be local premieres. Films that have had a commercial run in the city of Monterrey, or those committed to be exhibited in any way before the Festival dates, may be considered, but will not be high priority during the selection process.

11. The films that are available on YouTube or some other website that is open to all audiences will not be considered to be part of the Official Selection.

12. Only finished films will be accepted.

13. ficmonterrey – The Monterrey International Film Festival cannot accept films in which its employees have participated as director, producer, screenwriter, or lead actor. This also applies to the Festival’s consultants, suppliers, and officers of Cultural Secretariat at UANL, CONARTE, and the Federal Ministry of Culture. Projects and activities related to or representative of municipal, state, or federal public institutions will not be accepted. Employees and owners of sponsors and trade partners of the Festival cannot participate.

14. The Festival Programming Committee reserves the right to change a film registered in one category to another if it deems it necessary.

15. Virtual Screenings. Currently, the ficmonterrey is being planned in the hybrid mode. However, the risk continues that sanitary conditions change suddenly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forces the Festival organization to consider the possibility of changing all programming to virtual screening rooms, to ficmonterrey’s sole discretion, a possibility that the participants must consider at the time of their registration, since the registration of a film for this call implies the express acceptance of presential and / or virtual exhibition.


Taking into account the circumstances that are currently experienced or that could arise from the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the participation of the directors or representatives of the selected films not residents of Monterrey could be carried out virtually .


16. The Organizing Committee will designate a jury comprised of three specialists of renowned trajectory. They will be responsible to select the winning films for each category.

17. The jury will be appointed before the Festival starting date. Their decisions cannot be appealed.

18. The jury may declare any category void if it deems it necessary.


19. The director of each winning category will receive the Cabrito de Plata and the prizes given by the sponsors of the Festival.


20. In case a film is selected, the Festival requires that the filmmaker keep the same passwords provided for the online screenings, to facilitate the classification system of the Mexican government. This is an essential requirement and must be fulfilled until the Festival is over.

22. In the event that a film is selected, the producer, director or distributor shall send a trailer or preview of the film in professional video format, as well as the poster and other promotional materials required by the Festival.


22. Accepted projection formats for feature films are: Digital Cinema Format (DCP).

23. International short films should send a file in .mov, H264, Full HD as minimum quality.

24. Nuevo Leon Short Films and Mexican Short Films projection format is DCP.

25. The projection copies whose native language is not English should provide subtitles in English, including films in Spanish.

26. In case your movie is in a language different from Spanish and you already have Spanish subtitles, please send the STR file or the dialogue list to us.


27. At any moment of the selection process the Festival can request a letter from the distributor or producer to certify that the possession of the rights and exhibition authorization is in order, as well as a commitment to turn in a copy of the film in HD.

Any eventuality not addressed in this call for entries will be solved by the Organizing Committee and this will not be subject to appeal.

Any additional questions can be submitted to:

narce.ruiz@2015.monterreyfilmfestival.com for full-length films information.
program@2015.monterreyfilmfestival.com for short films information


Programming Department