Give a new meaning to stories. Own a scene, a dialogue, a particular vision. The task of storytelling –whichever the media– is complemented through the other, the person that reads, watches and gives meaning to an image, and in this case, a film. It is when an audience sees themselves reflected upon the screen that everything makes sense; this is what we wanted to transmit in the Monterrey International Film Festival A.C. with our new approach for the 2015 edition.

This year we want to turn the spotlights on the audience that has joined us for the last 11 years. We want YOU to see your story reflected on the screen, we want you to fall in love with a film and that you make it the film of your life. That is why, for this year’s edition we abide by the concept of “You are the screen”, because it is through you that each film finds its reason for being and existing, since you allow it to become a part of the film of your life.

In this eleventh edition of the Monterrey IFF, we kindly ask you to use the hashtag #LaPelículaDeMiVida to share the films that have defined your story, tell us why a particular film is important for your life and what was it that you enjoyed from it. Remember that starting today #LaPantallaEresTú

In our Festival we also have films that have constructed our history. That is why we will also share which ones have been milestones for our institution in the last decade. For now, we will share with you Life in one day, part of our Official Selection in 2010.

Take part, comment, share using our hashtags and learn which films have defined your friends. Known and unknown people that just like you have seen their stories reimagined on the big screen.

We invite you to keep up with our webpage and social media, because each week we will be showing posters of the different films that are fundamental to the history of this Festival.