Best Mexican Narrative Feature FilmLos años azules by Sofía Gómez Córdova

Making a creative use of its many limitations this film has a wonderful dynamics in its location, photography and editing. The story unfolds quickly, and one can easily sympathize with each protagonist, even with the cat. The structure, the characters and the situations are recognizable, thanks to a very good preparation and of course to a sublime direction. Emphasizing the atmosphere of limbo, the soundtrack is simply wonderful. There is very little to criticize in this wonderful tribute to the best moment of the director’s life, showing us how important this time was for her, how much she learned, all reflected in this unpretentious film.

Best Mexican Documentary Feature FilmBatallas íntimas by Lucía Gajá

Making a documentary is not easy. But to do it with a clear, lucid, honest speech and with so many aspects that can excite us is a great merit. And it is more when all this serves to denounce a situation that is unsustainable, violence against women. Love should not hurt.

Best Nuevo León Feature FilmMujeres de manos cálidas by Adrián Macías

Adrián Macias had a precise objective in making the Women of Warm Hands to validate the practices and wisdom of midwives in northern Mexico. Midwifery is in danger, with many institutional barriers to natural childbirth, making this documentary necessary and timely. Macias has provided us with an educational tool to better understand pregnancy and childbirth. It is a pleasure to see so many local women sharing their stories. We hope that, by winning the Nuevo Leon award, that Adrian Macías will continue to make films with a strong and timely message, while developing his craft and artistic vision.

Best International Feature Film (Audience Award)Brigsby Bear by Dave McCary

Best International Narrative Short Film – Hijo por hijo by Juan Avella
To achieve a vibrant portrayal of Latin American reality and to claim without moralism or morals the valuable need for empathy among human beings

Best International Documentary Short Film – Kopfüber (Head first) by Daniel Thomaser (Alemania).
To count without false melodrama a history of resilience and desire to live with optimism.

Jury Mention for:

Cucli by Xavier Marrades (Spain)
Because despite an extreme taste for aesthetics and composition, the story of this widow truck driver and his dove reminds us that there is life after burying our dead.

Ringo by Adriá Pagés (Spain)

Because the film has ingenuity, freshness, sense of the humor, a great precision in the script, and an impeccable invoice.

Best International Animation Short FilmLe futur sera chauve by Paul Cabon (France).
For showing with humor a very masculine and universal fear of running out of hair and the emotional consequences that this implies in the conception of manhood.

Best Mexican Narrative Short FilmLa familia Hernández Cruz by Anaïs Pareto
By telling us a history of characters from the foreign point of view and doing it without pretensions and in an endearingly Mexican way. It is a portrait worthy of a Mexican family and the cast is outstanding.

The Jury grants two awards for Best Mexican Documentary Short Film
La muñeca tetona by Diego Osorno and Adolfo Alexandro Aldrete
Invaluable portrait of Mexican politics, its cynicism and its humor, sometimes involuntary.

Las raíces del roble by Daniel Delgadillo and Yesendi Zataráin
Because it is a hopeful and endearing story, sweet and emotionally close to any viewer. Not to mention the need to tell these stories in times of ruthless pragmatism and utilitarianism.

Best Mexican Animation Short Film  – Cerulia by Sofía Carrillo.
Because of the elegance and sensitivity with which he builds a story that raises how to overcome the traumas of childhood and learn to live after that.

Best Nuevo León Short FilmQuiero hablar contigo by Carlos Mendoza
Because it is cinema going back to basics. The endearing, the genuine, a story told with a narrative thread that strikes in perfection, with an exact distribution and precise staging; and most importantly, for daring to tell us a story without judging its characters and devoid of moralism, which is what cinema does: show without judging.


Best Short FilmLa barca de oro by Malcom Vargas

The members of the jury unanimously decided to award the short film La barca de oro, to remind us by a plausible construction of its character, that human dignity prevails even in the most atrocious conditions.


18h45 by Juan Vildósola y Theo Kaya
For giving us a remarkable performance in which thanks to great acting work, we managed to feel that beautiful mirror that is the cinema, where emotions are bridges that are not limited to language.

Hasta el fin del mundo by Gabriel Pérez
For the intelligent reinterpretation of a classic and an understanding of the visual language in which with the smallest elements manage to tell us a fascinating story, letting us see the beginning of a technical team capable of telling good stories.

Carla y la página 49 by Fernanda Sandoval
For introducing us to a director in search of a voice and identity of our own, which envisions the beginning of a long search for giving voice to women, creating different and powerful characters.