Mexican director Rubén Imaz shared his experience of the making of his first movie, Familia Tortuga, in the KinoStartLab conference in the Monterrey International Film Festival.

Imaz talked about his first feature film and his college graduation project premiered in 2006 in the international competition in San Sebastián and winner of a dozen international awards as the Coup de Coeur at the Toulouse Film Festival.

“Film is one of the most autodidactic arts, and although I went to film school, you can also make your film if you want if you join your friends to make short films. But thanks to the film school I met many filmmakers, discovered filmmaker methods and studied film,” the director said.

About Familia Tortuga Imaz added the challenges of the actor selection of the film and the methods he used for the characters’ work.

“When I was shooting there was an understanding about the characters, it was a very important part and I started to do improvised exercises with Manuel Plata without making scenes of the film, not transforming them”.

The director of Film School, Fabián Hofman, said that Familia Tortuga is a visionary film because of the way it was produced.