As part of the panel “Women writing the Mexican Film” the writers Alba Garza, Alejandra Moffat, Hipatia Argüero and Carla Sierra shared with the attendees in Room 3 of Cineteca Nuevo León their experiences of how they live the construction of their characters.

Hipatia Argüero explained that as part of a film process they face difficulties due to the existence of stereotypes and narratives fixed in the social collective that generates a high responsibility for portraying female characters.

They warned that the role of women is harshly judged hence exhibiting their complexities in a character represents a great responsibility.

Alejandra Moffat spoke out for getting involved in the characters, investigating them, giving them depth and going beyond a “sexual image” of the woman, without this meaning censorship.

The panelists shared that is complicated the defense to defend their characters against producers and directors so Carla Sierra recommended working with those producers who respect their work.

In that sense, Alba Garza pointed out how tiring is defend “the grays of the character”.