Fresh proposals and relevant themes are the main characteristics of the 2018 Monterrey Film Festival Official Selection of Mexican Short Films.

From August 16 to August 23, the screens of Monterrey’s cinemas will showcase interesting stories from the selected films of the 14th Monterrey Film Festival, presented by the Council for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon (CONARTE), the French Embassy in Mexico and the Federal Culture Ministry, with support of Cinepolis Sala de Arte and UANL.

The Official Selection of Mexican Short Films is comprised by 37 films, 20 in the category of fiction, 8 documentaries and 9 in the animation field. It is important to highlight the fact that 6 of these short films are local productions (2 documentaries and 4 fiction films), therefore, they will also compete for the Best Short Film made in Nuevo Leon.

Sergio Salazar, Monterrey Film Festival’s Programming Associate, pointed out that 260 projects were submitted in total, and 29 out of those came from Nuevo Leon.

“This year, besides having exciting and extraordinary projects, we added an extra feature: films with a simple manufacture but with the great narrative of the contemporary Mexican cinema”, he said. “To be inclusive and to keep a minimum quality standard might seem like an oxymoron, but the Mexican filmmakers are finding this balance between these two opposite ideas”.

This Official Selection of Mexican Short Films also includes the work of 6 female directors in the categories of fiction and documentary.

“6 short films made by women explore subjects such as grieve, physical resistance, sexual identity, youthfulness and motherhood. Their active role represents the female outlook in each one of the programs prepared for this edition”, expressed Salazar.

Salazar also mentioned that the selected films have been, on one hand, honoree works at national and international festivals; and on the other hand, Mexican premieres that will create a fresh and wide ranging program for the audience.

“One of the most popular subjects in the submitted works has to do with Latin-American indigenous cultures, especially regarding their displacement and conflicts”, emphasized Salazar. “Loss in all its forms, is also one of the most popular topics. Either a beloved’s death, getting fired, a break up or losing your own identity, are common themes this year”.

This Official Selection will showcase at the official venues (Cineteca Nuevo Leon and Cinepolis Las Americas) during the 14th Monterrey Film Festival, from August 16 to August 23, 2018.

Mexican Short Films winners, in the categories of fiction, documentary and animation, will be granted the Monterrey Film Festival Trophy, el Cabrito de Plata. Also, the Best Short Film made in Nuevo Leon will receive a prize that includes one day rent of equipment (camera, sound, light and rigging system) for his or her next film production sponsored by Monterrey Filmorent.

The awards ceremony will take place on August 22 at Teatro del Centro de las Artes, in Fundidora Park.