The second film of the showcase Four perspectives: Cinema and politics in Nuevo León showed the documentary The major, made by Emiliano Altuna, Carlos F. Rossini and Diego Osorno, that tells the story, both personal and political, of the now major elect – for the third time– of San Pedro Garza García, Mauricio Fernández.

In the projection, made at the Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, was Emiliano Altuna, joined by Nery Gracia, professor of Public Opinio at the University of Monterrey, who at the end of the film answered questions from the audience.

Talking about Mauricio Fernández is talking about politics, economics, social class, security, controversy, but it is, to also speak of a human being just like any other. “In general, documentary filmmakers feel that the reality is closer to the victims, they tell the stories of a victim and I had the desire to subvert that, decided to make a documentary from the perspective of power”, said the director.

Having as a backdrop the extreme violence in México – and in San Pedro Garza García–, a city that boasts being one of the safest in the country, and where some of the wealthiest and more powerful families in México live, El alcalde tells the story of Fernández, a polemic fugure that is not afraid to be a person who takes justice by its own hand to clean his municipality from drug cartels.

“Even if you only see a handful of minites, the documentary took two years on what was always the same take, same shirt, same room, all made during 6 interviews”, said the director.

This documentary is prepared so that every time it is seen you have a new question regarding the political world, it helps to gain an understanding of why our public servants they act a certain way regarding a problem during their administration.