Filmmakers, jurors and audience reunited to celebrate the winning films in this 14th edition of the Monterrey Film Festival. Winners received the Cabrito de Plata Award.

To all participants, Juan Manuel González expressed gratitude and thank them for sharing their work with the audience at the Festival.

“I would like to congratulate all winners; we have been touched by their films since the first time we saw their work in February; being able to showcase it here allows us to share what the Mexican and International cinema has to offer”. Mentioned González.

The Best Feature Film made in Nuevo León – La Distancia – and the Best Short Film made in Nuevo León – Olor a Mercado – received a prize worth $20,000 MXN, including one day rent of equipment (camera, sound, light and rigging system) for their next film production sponsored by Monterrey Filmorent.

Also, the Best Short Film made in Nuevo León will be able to participate in the Talca Film Fest and in Bogoshorts, while the Best Feature Film made in Nuevo León will participate in the Baja California International Film Festival.

The ArtKingdom prize, which includes a marketing campaign, trailer production and poster design was awarded to Los días más oscuros de nosotros.

The Best Mexican Short Film received a prize that includes sound design sponsored by MGA Sound, while KinoStart winner obtained a prize that includes sound design and color correction for his next film production sponsored by MGA Sound, and an annual pass for Moviebeta and the possibility to participate in CortosCali in Colombia.

The Monterrey Film Festival is presented by the Council for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon (CONARTE), the French Embassy in Mexico and the Federal Culture Ministry, with support of Cinepolis Sala de Arte, UANL and the Mexican Institute of Cinema.


The winners are:

Best Mexican Full-Length Film – Fiction

Los débiles by Raúl Rico and Eduardo Giralt Braun

A solid film from beginning to end. The main character’s love for his dog exposed a man who was persistent in his quest for revenge. It is absurd but also surprising. With a subtle anguish, this film explores the Mexican stereotypes and reveals beautiful details while doing so.


Best Mexican Full-Length Documentary

M-1 by Luciano Pérez Savoy

Just as this film is dark and mysterious, so is its main character. An outcast living away from society. Long and precise scenes, alongside good filmmaking show that if you are truly patient you can touch the realities of daily life.


Best Full-Length Film made in Nuevo León

La distancia by Andrea Martínez (Ricardo Andrés)

Balancing our physical and emotional appetites, it is tenderness what best describes this film’s atmosphere.


Honorable Mention of the Jury for Direction

Los días más oscuros de nosotras by Astrid Romero

The director’s audacious decisions helped us connect with both, the actors and actresses’, endurance while facing cruelty and the strong emotional impact of the script.


Best International Full-Length Film – Animation

La Casa Lobo by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cocina

Its chutzpah, transparent technique and originality worked all in favor of the story; using constant metaphors, La Casa Lobo created a unique universe.


Best International Full-Length Documentary

Eastern Memories by Martti Kaartinen and Niklas Kullstrom

A successful experiment in telling a century old story with poetic games that show both light and darkness of the real world.


Best International Full-Length Film – Fiction

Kiss and Cry by Chloé Mahieu and Lila Pinell

Balance, naturalness, precision, good narrative, a strong direction and a top-quality editing. All these elements added to a powerful story about a personal search, youth and human emotion.


Special Mention of the Jury

Sambá by Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán

Using boxing as a theme, this film adapts it to arrange a new universe. Exploring all its possibilities without abusing any, delivering a deep dive into the anecdote of a very cinematographic sport. A fun, honest and sincere film.


Special Mention of the Jury for International Short Film – Fiction

Kampung Tapir by Aw See Wee

For the accurate use of powerful metaphors to communicate the internal world of the main character.


Special Mention of the Jury for International Short Film – Animation

Sirens by Julia Tudisco

For telling a profound story about current topics, with a remarkable elegance and sense of humor.


Special Mention of the Jury for Mexican Short Film – Sound Design

La Huella by Carlos Alberto Andrade Montemayor

For using sound as a key element to tell a story.


Best International Short Film – Fiction

Casting by Katarzyna Iskra

For portraying complex themes and characters with outstanding clarity.


Best International Short Film – Animation

Fox Boy by Do-Yeon Tak

For telling a playful story full of details with outstanding quality. 


Best International Short Film – Documentary

_galore by Bernd Lützeler

For its ability to explore, in a simple and concrete way, the opposing view of two different political positions.


Best Mexican Short Film – Animation

Kvazar by Alan Girón Palau and Eric Rodríguez Carrillo

A unanimous decision by the Jury for this charming, well-structured and simple story. With a small team, the filmmakers delivered a great quality product, full of creativity and hard work with great results.


Best Mexican Short Film – Documentary

Valentón by Luis Armando Sosa Gil

Despite talking about a recurrent theme in Mexican cinema, the need to share these stories about justice in Mexico remains fundamental to achieve a positive change in the country.


Best Mexican Short Film – Fiction

Los Ausentes by José Porfirio Lomas Hervert

For telling a simple story full of lyricism through resources and formal decisions that provide a unique personality to the film.


Best Short Film made in Nuevo León

Olor a Mercado by Luis Petranko

With this award, the Jury wishes to encourage director Petranko to continue making films alongside his team.


Audience Award for Best International Full-Length Film

It’s Criminal by Signe Taylor

The Monterrey Film Festival audience selected this film among 11 International Films from 4 different continents.


Audience Award for Best Mexican Full-Length Film

Ayotzinapa, el paso de la tortuga by Enrique García Meza.

The Monterrey Film Festival audience selected this film among 11 Mexican Films.



Special Mention of the Jury

 Te quiero, Alejandra by Minerva Elisa Rivera Bolaños.

For telling a story on an important topic: solidarity and women’s right to choose.


Best Short Film Kinostart 2018

 Reset by Rodrigo Martín Jaffe

With this unanimous decision, the Jury would like to encourage filmmaker Jaffe to continue working on his artistic proposal with the same level of honesty and sincerity he has shown so far.