The FIC Monterrey 2017 has always been characterized to support local cinema, and this edition was no exception. In a meeting with the media, producers and players of the Football Club Monterrey talked about the film Llegando a casa, which tells the story of said football team from its initial years to this day.

Juan Manuel González, Director of FIC Monterrey, welcomed the audience and spoke about how the documentary portrays the city’s history: “This documentary is a very important part of the history of Monterrey, because through the evolution of the Club de Fútbol Monterrey we have a perspective of what is our city and what we are like regiomontanos”, he reported.

Juan Carlos Salas and Martha Lilia López, producers of Llegando a casa agreed that the film is a legacy for society, especially for future generations, as it is the first time they have made a documentary about this team in 70 years : “It is a historical documentary, it is a legacy for society, even if they are from other parties they will like it. It is told by its characters, many of them legends”, the producer emphasized.

Aldo de Nigris, a former soccer player who participates in the feature film, commented that many times the players who join the team do not know their history, nor the efforts that had to be made by past generations: “… And without realizing the magnitude of this. At first they had nothing, but a huge heart to achieve a dream, and that is reflected now. Many times you do not realize everything that was lived to arrive here, I am of the recent generations that tries to give the best, but that does not realize all the past”, the player declared.

The documentary Llegando a casa, by Fernando Kalife will be screened today, at Cinépolis Las Américas (Garza Sada), at 19:30 hours.