The Monterrey International Film Festival 2017 opens a space for children and young persons who dream of becoming part of the world of cinema. Open Screen is the space that makes this possible.

Hand in hand, institutions such as Alianza Heartland de México, Caleidoscopio, El Gato Raro and Factor 360, the children made short films that were screened in theatre 4 of Cinépolis Las Américas (Garza Sada).

Janeth Aguirre, FIC Monterrey Executive Director, pointed out that for the Festival, Open Screen is a platform to train the filmmakers of tomorrow: “We are sure that a film of this festival, or this function, is the catapult to continue working in the audiovisual arts.”

With a room full of children and young people who made the short films –accompanied by their families– different stories were screened, and they showed  he imagination and experiences that each participant lives in their day to day.

Open Screen is a space that gives the opportunity to all the children to explore the artistic world. These productions reflect the effort to create a better society, applying artistic tools, particularly those of cinema.