Monterrey International Film Festival demonstrates that cinema as well as entertainment creates a social commitment with young creators.

Through Open Screen, MIFF program is nourished by film material made by children and teenagers.

In a panel with the visual artist and specialist in violence prevention, Misael Segura, and Osbaldo Valdho García, who participated in a short film in the last edition.

“We have found that film is a tool to connect with any age, especially with youth to work on the axes we have that are violence prevention, empowerment, and social understanding”.

“That is why Open Screen has a social focus that is open to public”, said Segura.

Young Osbaldo shared his experience with audiovisual workshops in which he participated in the creation of a short film that was first exhibited on the big screen thanks to Open Screen.

“We were taught audiovisual media to learn how to make the best of the project, we made a collective called backlight, we walked we went to the hills and we started recording people”.

“We went to streets and interviewed young talent and after that people wanted to see film material,” Osbaldo said.

After this project he was able to make the short film Tierra de Marte, directed and performed by him, which was screened in the cinemas of Cinépolis de García.

Thanks to this short film he could work in RCG, a television station in Saltillo participating as producer and driver for a program of the company.