Filmed in what is considered a World Heritage Site, created by the architect Luis Barragán, Hilda is the story of a well-of woman and his psychotic relationship with her maid.

In a press conference, the director, Andrés Clariond Rangel, along with the producer Gabriel Nuncio and the leading actresses Verónica Langer and Adriana Paz, they shared their learning and challenges.

This opera prima of the director from Monterrey is a social critique, which he assures, can entertain as well as educate,“ When I was studying film in the US, I saw a French play called Hilda, and I thought it fitted perfectly with the problems we still have in México and that we have not been able to overcome such as classism, racism, abuse of power”.

As well as being the screenwriter of the film, he said that the homonymous play added an analysis that he himself came to the conclusion, based on his own experiences and the search to avoid clichés,  he saw reflected in much of the production choices such as the house, the hair color of the actress Verónica Langer (Susana Le Marchand), among other things.

“The house didn’t fall into cliché, the wine glasses that they really portrait the social classes, the paintings, the house was redecorated, the furniture, the tapestry(…), said Gabriel Nuncio when trying to explain the production challenges.

“Andrés kept me very controlled, contained, so I had to find a way to make that emotion present, but on the lowdown, quite locked down, and on that I worked quite a lot”, said Adriana Paz about the challenge of portraying Hilda.

The commercial release of this black humor piece with shadows of psychological thriller will be on September 2015. Before FIC Monterrey, Hilda was showcased on the Morelia International Film Festival, which gave Verónica Langer the Best Actress award.