In the National Day of Mexican Film was celebrated the beginning of the 15th Monterrey International Film Festival, with Israel as guest country.

With the traditional Inauguration Gala, the red carpet had the presence of cinephiles that filed alongside the winners of the recognition of the International Career Achievement Tribute, as well as filmmakers and actors.

Juan Manuel González, director of MIFF, started the 2019 edition and pointed out that the 123 years that Mexican film celebrates today provide the perfect framework for the competition to develop.

“We proudly join the celebration of the National Day of Mexican Film and I gladly share with you that in this edition of the festival we will screen 190 Mexican films, of which 35 are feature films and 155 short films. And there are 82 films from Nuevo León, including two feature films and a documentary”, he said.

González highlighted the alliances of the festival with institutions like Conarte and Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León to make the festival a reality in 42 venues in Nuevo León.

As every year, the presence of the national film was recognized, and this time the Cabrito de Plata of the Mexican Career Achievement Tribute was given to the filmmaker from Aguascalientes, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, who yesterday held a dialogue with students and was recognized by UANL.

This edition of the MIFF honored the Israel filmmakers AviNesher y Tomer Heymann with the International Career Achievement Tribute. 

Ricardo Marcos, president of Conarte, and Nadav Gorev, political counselor of Israel, attended the tribute. 

“Israeli film has been transformed, although it was born for political ends, over the years it has been consummated and reflected in every production”.

“Our film is not known enough in the world, our film deserves international recognition because is what Israel appreciates, being here with you”, Gorev said.