In the second day of activities of the Monterrey International Film Festival prepared the showcase Four Perspectives: Cinema and politics in Nuevo León, where the same film output demanded an space to show in the big screen the reality that its lived daily.

To kick start this series of projections at the Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, FIC Monterrey opened with the presentation of the documentary “Vivos los llevaron, vivos los queremos” by the director Cecilia Serna, film that narrates the kidnapping, torture, disappearance of people and the fear of their relatives that still wait for them.

“Making this documentary, for me, I think it was personal and I feel that everyone else that are dedicated to cinema feel the same. The documentary changed my life, it was a completely different Mexico than the one I knew, it opened my eyes in a different manner and the only thing that I could think of was making it, making something that could be helpful”, said the director with a lump in her throat.

At the end of the film, the audience had the chance to participate in a forum where they could share their experiences and opinions regarding the topic of the forced disappearance that happened in the country.

In the room there were experts on the subject such as Karla, chief communications officer of CADAC and professor at the University of Monterrey, besides the participation of Rosario Piedra, one of the main protagonists of the documentary.

“First they took the communists, and then I didn’t care. Then they took the priests, and I didn’t care but now they took my kid, and this time it was important for me, with that thought I want to ask all of you to help us in this fight and I want to make clear that what we are looking for is justice, not vengeance”, said Rosario Piedra, sister of a missing young man, who disappeared in 1994.

In spite of such a controversial topic, the screening room was filled with lovers of cinema interested on its social aspects, which has gained strength as well as the political films, creating new groundbreaking works to be showcased at the fest.