This year the Student Film Showcase is 10 years old. For the FIC Monterrey this is a very important section because it has driven talent in different universities.

Narce Ruiz, Programming Director at the Festival, highlighted the evolution of the Showcase, as it started with an event where the different institutions registered the movies they wanted to screen at the festival, until it became an official section where filmmakers themselves had the opportunity to register works directly.

“Opening MECE to the competition was something really good because we saw a shift in the materials we were getting, we saw an improvement, which is good for the local audiovisual production.”

The Programming Director also stated that this year, through the different platforms to register films, the Festival also got some materials from other parts of Mexico and foreign countries.

“For MECE’s 10th anniversary we decided to do something special, besides local short films, we have guest films, out of competition, but from institutions like UNAM or UdG, or international from Italy, Portugal, US, Colombia and far Nepal.”

This year, the competition has 21 student short films: 11 from UANL –with FAV and Communications Sciences–; 4 from Monterrey University; 3 from Tec de Monterrey, and 3 from Universidad Metropolitana de Monterrey.

The winner of first place will win the award of Best Short Film from the Student Film Showcase and will get up to $35,000 MXN in sound post production services, courtesy of MGA Sound. The winner will also be part of Intravenosa Festival in Cali, Colombia, next year.

The winner will be announced on August 30 at 20:00 hours in Parque Fundidora’s Center for the Arts.