Personal and familiar relationships, the supernatural and the encounter with oneself, are some of the themes dealt through fiction, documentary and animation on the 7th State Showcase of Student Film (MECE) at the Monterrey Film Festival.

On this occasion, the showcase received 89 short films, from which 37 were selected for fulfilling the technical requisites, having innovative stories and being of undoubted film quality. These will be exhibited and compete for the MECE award during the eleventh edition of the Festival.

For FIC Monterrey, MECE is the breeding ground for the filmmakers of the future.

“Since the start of the Festival there has been filmmakers that started at MECE and have go on into the Nuevo León Short Film section and it has happened that they have participated in the State Feature Film section as well”, said Narce Ruiz.

The universities selected for the MECE 2015 are the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad Metropolitana de Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad de Comunicación Avanzada, The Film Workshops and Ilumina.

The young directors, producers, actors and film crew of the shorts shared some of its experience in the universities during the presentation at Cinépolis Las Américas; some of them are not only competing with other short films, but with themselves. For example, Alejandro Peña, co-director of Tiene pasado, pero no futuro, his third tome as part of MECE. For him, every short film he has written has been an evolution.

“You start your short film with an unstable tripod, and as the production moves along you start to improve your writing, the way you direct”, said the student of the Visual Arts Faculty of the UANL.

Due to the large attendance to the program in past editions, the organizers announced this year that the selected short film will be divided in two screening programs and that each one will have two functions.

MECE projections are scheduled from Tuesday August 25th through Friday 29th at 13:30 at Cinépolis Las Américas.

The winner, announced on August 29th at the Awards Gala, will get the MECE Award, 10, 000 pesos in production and post-production services offered by the channel “Una voz con todos”, and the opportunity that its short film is part of the Official Selection of the Intravenosa University Film Festival in Cali, Colombia in april 2016.

The Monterrey International Film Festival is an initiative born in 2005 with the objective of spreading international film culture in the city of Monterrey, as well as being a space for filmmakers to showcase their work and share their visions with the local audience, putting Monterrey on the map of the film festivals. The yearly staging of the FIC Monterrey has been possible thanks to the support of important public and private institutions as well as sponsors and media that have help to position it as one of the ten most important festivals in the country.