The Mexican director and producer Javier Colinas knew he wanted to devote himself to film, even when he took engineering classes. Today he narrated his experience in the KinoStartLab conference cycle dedicated to the debut film at the Monterrey International Film Festival.

After graduating as an electrical mechanical engineer at the Institute of Higher Education Tecnológico de Monterrey, Colinas mentioned that he moved to Los Angeles, California to study film at some of the world’s most prestigious schools.

“When I was studying, my dad suddenly past away. He wanted to be restaurateur, what I wanted most to do was film, I started to study engineering but with film there is no knowledge that does not serve, my escape was film.

“I finished my career and started to use all the tools of the TEC of Monterrey, I started to look for scholarship for film and I got in Los Angeles in a school called New York Film Academy, later I went to the University of Southern California,” he said.

The talk with Arturo González was about Colinas’ experience of directing and producing “Detrás del Poder”, released in 2014.

Nowadays, Colinas has two more feature films: “Lo que podríamos ser”, and “El cumple de la abuela”. He is the co-producer of the documentary “Bajo Tortura” and the feature film “Cuatro Lunas”.

He commented about his experience when he returned to Mexico to film “Reevolución”. In 2008 he partnered with Luis Arrieta, Luis Ernesto Franco and Max Blásquez to create Los Güeros, one of the producers of “Los Inadaptados”, in which he directed the segment “El Casco”.

Colinas highlighted the challenges of making a film as director and producer.

“There is a reality you face and as a director, the key of the debut film is to do what you can with what you have, but the important thing is that the director set out the film and the story from the origin, from to a place to make it”.

“Making films is expensive, every artistic craft has to be practiced and the problem with film is that it is expensive to practice and I have the idea of making films with everything you have, without leaving without money to those around you.

“We have to be honest with what we want to do, we have to have a good script and with this you have a good story to tell,” the Mexican director said.