Near of the official launch of the Monterrey International Film Festival, director and screenwriter Jaime HumbertoHermosillo gave a master conference at Visual Arts School ofUniversidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

The director of 37 films, including The Passion of Berenice, The Summer of Miss Forbes, amd Homework, talked to the students about the cinematography and their experience of life behind the camera.

“Love for film started in my family, in my native Aguascalientes we used to watch up to two or three films perweek, I got to watch 7 films in one day, until one day myolder brother made us realize that there was someone behind the cameras called director.

“Dreaming of making film was impossible, but I knew that a film school opened and, like all of you, I filled out the application and was accepted. I started writing my scripts and throughout my life, more than looking for things, formidable things have happened”, the screenwriter said.

The filmmaker of Aguascalientes expressed his gratitude to people who have inspired his work, such as Eugene O’Neill, John Ford, and Alfred Hitchcock, and to people who were close to him like José de la Colima, his professor at the National School of Film Arts, formerly CUEC, and producer Manuel Barbachano Ponce.

“Creativity is within every person. That there is someone, or a movie, or a play that moves us at the point to say I want to change the course of my life, that’s wonderful”, he said.  

He mentioned his experience as a student of the Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez, with whom he had the opportunity to write the script of the film María of my Heartin 1979. 

“I never imagined we would have a professor named Gabriel García Márquez in CUEC, he still did not write 100 Years of Solitude, and gave us script class, remembered Hermosillo.

The students from Visual Arts School made some questions to the director about his creative processes and his work topics, also the filmmaker advised them to use their talent to write their ideas and stories.

The homage to the career of Hermosillo will be held today in the Magna Classroom of Colegio Civil at 20:00 hours, wherelater the film Written on the Body of the Night will be screened. 

The filmmaker will be the guest of honor at the inaugural gala of MIFF on 15 August at 20:00 at the Teatro de la Ciudad.