The Monterrey Film Festival continued this Saturday with activities that included the celebration of the IV International Meeting of Women in Film, whose inaugural lecture was given by the director of the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), María Novaro.

In her participation, Novaro Peñaloza pointed out the importance of supporting festivals like MIFF, because they contribute to giving people access to the seventh art.

“Film festivals in Mexico are our main bastion for people to have their cultural right of access to film, so why not support the festivals”, emphasized at her conference in Cineteca Nuevo León, where she made important points related to the film industry.

She noted that currently in Mexico more films are produced than in the golden age, however, the current conditions do not favor that Mexicans see the film made by Mexicans or produced in this country, Mexican cinema has become “an export product”.

“Every year more and more films are produced. We broke the number that seemed unattainable from the production of films of the golden age a couple of years ago, now we produce more cinema than in the golden age”, she pointed out.

However, she said, the difference of the current film with the Mexican film from the golden age is that it was seen “by all people”, now there is the challenge of opening up spaces for it to project the productions and to allow the works produced in the north of the country to be seen in the south and vice versa.

The film director, producer, and editor also said that now that she is part of a government institution, she has the task of modifying patterns and generating public policies that promote and allow greater access to the film.

She explained that to achieve this they are making synergies with other institutions so that statistics can be applied strategies that favor the generation of movies.

In her talk with the assistants, María Novaro recognized that there is a “centralization” of the resources that the IMCINE, so she invited the people from Monterrey to know about the Fiscal Stimulus to Projects of Investment in the National Film Production and Distribution (EFIC INE), among others