Director Yulene Olaizola already knew what her first film was going to be about from her first day at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, about a story she had known since childhood and that resulted in the feature film Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo.

In the panel of conferences dedicated to debut films of different creators, Olaizola shared the way in which she made her first documentary film on the corner of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo, in the Anzures neighborhood of Mexico City, where there is a house inhabited by an older woman, who is the director’s grandmother and who has a guest house.

“Ever since I went to film school, I knew I wanted to make a specific film about the story of my grandmother and her guest house that rents rooms in Mexico City, many teachers told me that this film could not be my first and wait for me to be more mature”.

The director from Mexico City commented that she waited four years to complete her first project and that she wanted to dedicate enough time and resources to tell the story she had in mind.

The urgency of telling the family anecdote led Olaizola to work outside the school in order to achieve the dream of directing her debut film.

“The first thing I did was look for a grant from FONCA to buy a digital camera and a computer, so I wouldn’t use the ones at school that only lent me a week and that wasn’t going to work”.

“This anecdote has been chasing me since I was a little girl and I knew it has the potencial to become a movie. On the other hand I wanted the experience of filming a movie, this was the starting point”, she said.