Colombian cinema is diverse and heterogeneous, but with a clear line in its narrative and aesthetic discourse led by young filmmakers.  Because of this, the eleventh Monterrey Film Festival will have a section named ENFOQUE COLOMBIA, in which the audience will be able to watch feature films and short films made in the South American country.

“Looking into the work made in Colombia has been a pleasant surprise; the film genre hybridization and the use of new technologies are fertile ground to experiment, innovate and strengthen its qualities without losing the candor and assuming its maturity as a cinematography that it is carving its own space in the world”, said Narce Ruiz, Program Director of FIC Monterrey.

This participation was born out of the annual meeting of the Mexican Network of Film Festivals –last July– in which a strong Colombian presence was felt. Thanks to forums like these, deals were made a reality and films were invited to be part of the screenings of FIC Monterrey.

As part of this collaboration with Colombia, the inaugural film of the eleventh FIC Monterrey will be an original production of this country, which portrays in a very symptomatic way the times Colombian cinema lives: Gente de bien by Franco Lolli.

“This honest, simple and convincing film talks about the contrast between the humble homes with the opulence of the high class. It talks about how charity does not solve at its core the inequality problem. With  excellent pace, formidable performances, moving and charismatic. It is an excellent choice as an opening film”, said Ruíz.

Besides, as part of this collaboration, the winner of the Best Nuevo León Short Film will have a direct slot in the Iberoamerican Panorama section of Bogoshorts 2015, taking place next December; the winner of the MECE, the State Showcase of Student Film, will be part of the competition selection of the Intravenosa Film Festival taking place in April 2016.

“We hace to thank Jaime Manrique, director of the Short Film Festival of Bogotá –Bogoshorts– and Sebastián Duque, director of the Calí University Film Festival –Intravenosa– for making possible this remarkable deal”, acknowledged the Program Director.

The Monterrey Film Festival is an initiative born in 2005 with the objective of spreading international film culture in the city of Monterrey, as well as being a space for filmmakers to showcase their work and share their visions with the local audience, putting Monterrey on the map of the film festivals. The yearly staging of the FIC Monterrey has been possible thanks to the support of important public and private institutions as well as sponsors and media that have help to position it as one of the ten most important festivals in the country.


Opening Gala

Gente de bien
Director: Franco Lolli (He was part of The Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes 2014)
Screening: Tuesday August 25th | 20:00 |Teatro de la Ciudad.


Three feature films:

Cazando luciérnagas
Director: Roberto Flores Prieto
Screening: Saturday August 29th | 21:00 hrs. | Cineteca Nuevo León,  Sala 2

Las tetas de mi madre
Director: Carlos Zapata (who will also be part of the jury for the Best Mexican Feature Film)
Screening: Saturday August 29th | 21:00 hrs. |Cineteca Nuevo León, Sala 1

Director: Libia Stella Gómez
Screening: Saturday August 29th | 16:00 hrs. |  Cineteca Nuevo León, Sala 1


Two short films programs:

Intravenosa –University Film Festival

– Villas del progreso, by Daniela Reyes Gutiérrez, María Alejandra Vanegas Ruiz
– Control Z, by Eri Pedroza Ulloa, Jehisel Ramos Perilla
– Centella va a venir, de Agustín Peralta Lemes
– En busca de aire, by Eric Mauricio Rojas Maldonado
– Ser, by Hernán Molina Rodriguez

Screening: Tuesday August 25th | 13:20 |  Cinépolis Las Américas (Garza Sada), Sala 5


– Leidi, by Simóm Mesa
– Lux aeterna, by Carlos Tribiño
– Elefante, by César Heredia
– Julia, by Jaime Avendaño
– Las bromelias, by Manuela Montoya
– Nelsa, by Felipe Guerrero
– Enhebrado, by Tatiana Pinzón, Sandra Obando
– Cesó la horrible noche, by Ricardo Restrepo

Screening: Tuesday August 25th | 20:00 hrs. | Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima