The process of making films is different for every director, that is why César Demian, Rubén Gutiérrez y Carlos García Campillo attended the KinoStartLab conference cycle of the Monterrey International Film Festival.

Dedicated to debut films, the directors shared their experience in the making of their first movies made in the North of the country.

They highlighted that every year there are more filmmakers and with this Nuevo León becomes a film set for comedies, thrillers and documentaries.

The filmmaker and photographer César Demian highlighted his work with the movie “Alex Winter”, presented on the MIFF.

“I finished the script and I had to ask many favors. I think the most important thing as director is that you have the script, it is the heart of the film, that was what convinced to record it”.

“Reunite people and contacting the actors, who were interested, the script was modified a little in order to not do flashy things and we made a budget, and we joined with producers, like Fantasmas Film”, said Demian about Alex Winter, which was initially his thesis project.

The three directors agreed that cinematographic work could compete with commercial film for the quality of the stories that are produced.