“When I leave here I’m going to go get a drink, two of them, and those will be to the memory of my dear friend Julián Pastor, who died last night (Monday)”, said Arturo Ripstein when he received the Cabrito de Plata in one of the most emotional moments from the Opening Gala of the FIC Monterrey.

Previous to the ceremony, celebrities such as the actors Angélica Aragón, Flavio Mejía, or jury member such as Grae Drake and the Maestro Arturo Ripstein walked the red carpet.

In the Main Room of the Teatro de la Ciudad, the actors Patricia Blanco and Mario Zaragoza were the hosts of the celebration attended by the juries of the different categories, production teams of the selected films, film promoters and members of the audience.

“You are the last screen upon which the light of the movies falls”, said Juan Manuel González, director of the Festival, when he explained the initiative La pantalla eres tú, which tries to share through the hashtag #LaPelículaDeMiVida, the passion for cinema.

The theme of the cineminuto for this edition of the fest was transformed into a choreography by the students of the Scenic Arts Faculty and the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey.

Definitively, one of the most exciting moments was when the Cabrito de Plata was given to Arturo Ripstein, the award was delivered by Katzir Meza, CONARTE director.

“I’m very glad you are with me, you are the ones that make the invisible filmmakers turn visible”, said Ripstein in his tribute for his five decade long film career.

“The only thing that is going to allow us to remain current as human beings, remain in the collective memory and history is without a doubt arts and culture”, said Katzir Meza before inaugurating the activities of the FIC Monterrey 2015.