At the premiere of the film Hilda by Andrés Clariond, FIC Monterrey gave two Cabritos de Cristal as Mexican Cinema Icons, to the actors of the film, Verónica Langer and Fernando Becerril, for their acting carerr in cinema, theater and TV.

In the film, the character of Susana Le Marchand, played by Verónica Langeris a wealthy woman in a complicated relationship with his husband, played by Fernando Becerril.

“This year I’m celebrating 40 years as an actress and I didn’t plan to celebrate like this, but I’m celebrating with you”, said the Argentinian actress.

“My first contact was with University theatre (…), and the sign, the image of the theatre was the goat of Picasso, now the Cabrito is born and I think is a new start of my career, my second 70 years of life”, said the actor when awarded the price.

In 1993, Langer won the Ariel for Best Actress for her role in Miroslavam and the Morelia Film Festival gave her in 2014 their award for Best Actress for her role in Hilda, among other awards that follow her career in films such as Hasta el viento tiene miedo (2007), El crimen del padre Amaro (2002), to mention a few.

Fernando Becerril was recognized in 2007 by UNESCO with the medal My life in the theater, among his most important films are La máscara del Zorro (1998), Amores querer son alevosía (2001) and Vacaciones en el infierno (2012).

Other winners of the Cabrito de Cristal are Emiilano Echeverría in 2012, Angélica Aragón in 2013, and Daniel Gimenez Cacho in 2014.