The FIC Monterrey 2017 awarded the Cabrito de Plata and Cabrito de Cristal to the Mexican actress Dolores Heredia, as part of the Mexican Tribute and as an Icon of Mexican Cinema, respectively.

In a meeting with the media, the president of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences was enthusiastic about the recognition of her work, and said she felt a special closeness to the city of Monterrey: “This land is a bit like my home, I feel very close to you. I am very moved and moved that they have chosen me to give me this recognition”, she said.

In the same way, she clarified that the awards given in the artistic medium are only a way to recognize her work: “The awards do not make you a better actor, but it help with the certainty that your guild or whoever gives it to you, supports you… they are like a little flower that they give to you in your path and to keep you going”, emphasized the Mexican producer.

About her career as an actress, she pointed out that it has not been easy to build, because at first the roles offered to her were according to her physical appearance and not her acting skills. For this reason, she advises her young colleagues to be clear about the type of actors they want to become: “At first they offer you the roles according to the physical aspect, your anatomical peculiarities, and little by little your work is becoming more and more important; you are discovering through your work. It’s not easy to build a career, but if you start thinking about the actor you want to be, that helps you choose the characters and stories you are going to be involved in”, Heredia said.

One of her purposes as an actress is to re-engage the public with Mexican cinema, and to be recognized by her work in films: “Just what I have to do is let people recognize us for the movies, for the love to its directors, its photographers, because cinema is wonderful. I would love to be able to create this link with cinema again”, she said.

Throughout her acting career she has participated in different stories, with different themes, but those that move her are the ones that make her think about life and love: “What I like are the stories that make me dream, that they come back to me, those who do not want to let go, who make me see life in another way or that make me recognize my way of seeing life. And the love stories… I dream about making a memorable love story. I think the love stories always come to us all, they touch us”, the artists said.

After the press conference, the Mexican Tribute and the recognition as an Icon of Mexican Cinema were held in the Aula Magna of Colegio Civil, where she had a talk with the researcher Genaro Saúl Reyes, sharing with the public her experience in cinema, television and Mexican theater.

The president of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences mentioned that this year the budget for the Ariel Prize was considerably reduced. However, thanks to the collaboration and effort of the cinematographic community, the ceremony was performed without any setback: “We managed to make this edition of the Arieles with the collaboration of many people who contributed other things. There is will, there is affection, cohesion to do things. The Arieles have to be done every year to give this recognition. If we stop doing it is like we were beaten” said the award-winning actress.

Before granting the awards, Juan Manuel González noted that for FIC Monterrey 2017 it was a pride to recognize the acting and cultural career path that Dolores Heredia has made in the country. In this regard he said: “She has been a woman who has been on stage, on screen, and has also been in promotion and production. She is a woman who has fought for our culture, for our cinema, for our cultural activity “, explained the director of FIC Monterrey.

Dr. Celso Garza, Secretary of Culture and Extension of the UANL and Ricardo Marcos, President of CONARTE, delivered the Cabrito de Plata and the Cabrito de Cristal. Later, at the end of the ceremony, the film Santitos, by Alejandro Springall, was screened, where the actress Dolores Heredia has a leading role.