En Memoria

David Carrizosa, Davek

Just a few days before the opening of this festival, we lost Dave Carrizosa, a filmmaker from Nuevo León who left too soon. His short but prolific career shows coherence and maturity that highlighted him as one of the main voices of his generation; his work became a mass that let its gravitational weight feel in the film ecosystem of the Northeast. Nature and film lover, he developed a personal vision originated in the simplicity of the north, and the rescue of the quotidian. His vocation for sharing film, also led him to become a professor at the University of Monterrey, where his students recognized him for teaching them just that: finding their perspective in film creation. In this edition of Fic Mty, his short film The Nightfall of the Prince is in the Mexican competition, as several of his works have been in previous years, including El hombre de las gerberas, which won the cabrito de plata for Best Feature Film in Nuevo León in 2013. In this section, we include the profiles of his filmography and have prepared a microsite on our website, where you can find his previous productions. Thank you, Dave, Davek, David, for making movies with us and for the world. May he rest in peace.