The postproduction could highlight a production or screw it, revealed young experts during a talk within the panel “The impulse in the narratives: the postproduction in the creative proposals” in the 15th edition of the Monterrey International Film Festival.

In an atmosphere of camaraderie, Gerardo A. Villarreal, Andrés Luna Ruiz and Maurizio Villafagna shared with the audience at Cineteca Nuevo León their experiences as a fundamental part of a production.

Gerardo A. Villarreal, with wide participation in long and short films, recounted the significance for emotions of the work they do in putting sounds in films.

He described that as realizers of postproduction his work must be surgical, but transcendental, where the ego cannot exist.

Andrés Luna, a graduate of UANL Visual Arts, described how one of the challenges he has faced was to make his first film.

He described as “an endless adventure every postproduction job”, and “an invisible art,” where his work is worth thousands of hours, but not noticed.

In his experience, Maurizio Villafagna explained that his work as an editor is to see twice at least twice all the material, to have in case any modification is required to have perfectly identified each material.

And he emphasized, “the post production area can save a bad production or we can ruin a very good production.”