The cineminuto of Monterrey IFF is an important part of the promotion of this event, even more so because it will feature the new image for the eleventh edition of the Festival, scheduled to take place from the 25th to the 30th of August.

The shooting of this production will take place this Monday 11th of June at the Nova Theatre in San Nicolás, and it will have as a basis for its development the theme “You are the screen”.

Both the cineminuto and the new image will be completely different to what we have previously made, because it will be a tribute to some of the films that have transformed our lives and that have been a part of the Festival.

The premiere of cineminuto is scheduled for the first week of August and, later, it will be screened in the official venues of the Festival before each film.

We specially thank our sponsor Vista Digital Rent for the equipment for the production of this cineminuto; as well as Ternium for supporting us with their facilities to carry out this film production.


Producer — Blanca Aguirre

Director — Gil Morales

Wardrobe/Makeup — Myrna Silva

Wardrobe/Makeup Assistant— Paola Aguirre

Choreography and Movements — Conny Guarneros

Cinematographer — Fer Gallegos

Camera Assistant — Luis Gerardo

Vista Digital Rent Equipment — Gizeh Guevara

Dana Dolly, Optics — Blanca Aguirre

Staff and Assistant— Jesse

Music — Audiomanía

Postproduction — Labodigital