Twenty-four times per second a fixed image disappears before our eyes and it is, in that dark and empty space, that moment between one image and another, where the movement that creates cinema is born. It is those thousandths of a second of absence that feed time and dynamism to the still image and allow whole worlds to be generated before the eyes of audiences eager to experience the power of cinema.

For the Monterrey IFF, this transformative capacity of the cinema has been essential in the vision that it pursues as promoter of the Mexican and world cinema. We deeply believe in the power of cinema to move, to squeeze, to shake. Because the movement of film presents us with realities of near and far, stories and characters that inundate us, and it is these affections that lead us to action.

All the arts are very complex constructions of meanings that we share between creators and public and in their essence is the potential to transform. Cinema can transform the filmmaker, the public, and the world. Cinema moves perspectives. Cinema moves cultures. Cinema moves consciousness. Cinema moves souls and hearts. Cinema moves.