The Award Gala of the eleventh edition of the Monterrey Film Festival took place Saturday night, when the Cabritos de Plata were awarded to the best of the national and international cinema. The event took place at Teatro Convex, and was hosted by the actors Mario Zaragoza y Paty Blanco.

Here’s the list of the winners:

International Feature Films

Best International Fiction Feature Film

The Lesson, by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov, from Bulgaria and Greece
For the excellent dramatic arc of the character who faces both an economic and a moral crisis in Western society.

Best International Documentary Feature Film 

Felvidek: Caught in between, by Vladislava Plancíková from Slovakia and Czech Republic
For the intimate portrait about conflict and belonging to a culture, country and language that provokes a universal reaction about identity.

Best International Animated Feature Film

Pos eso by  Sam, from Spain
For its great technical execution led by a comedy that pays homage to classic world cinema.


International distribution valued at $40,000.00 USD.

JURY: Arturo González, expert on cinema promotion and director of Artkingdom

Winner: Estar o no estar, by Marcelo González
The Alebrije award looks for a film with possibilities of commercial release, with great elements such as cast, cinematography, music and a story that can connect with the audience.

Mexican Feature Film

Best Mexican Fiction Feature Film

Winner of $100,000 pesos
Plan sexenal, by Santiago Cendejas
For its aesthetic that is not afraid of risks, and with a narrative that leads us through an extemporal experience.

Honorable Mention Mexican Fiction Feature Film

La Maldad, by Joshua Gil Delgado
For its beautiful and abstract portrait of the abyss between life on the country and the idea of the city.

CINEMA UNO digital distribution award, valued at  $1000 USD

La Maldad, by Joshua Gil Delgado

Best Mexican Documentary Feature Film 

Winner of $100,000 pesos

Retratos de una búsqueda, by Alicia Calderón
For its bravery of creating a collective voice from singular stories of pain and tragedy at a time when Mexico needs a coalition of forces. A painful documentary that makes us think about the true meaning of life, its value in the face of war and its heritage from generation to generation.

Honorable Mention Mexican Documentary Feature Film 
Exergo, by Diego Amando Moreno
For its visual beauty and because it dares to narrate from the image, breaking the narrative preconceptions common to the documentary.

Mejor Largometraje de Nuevo León Best Nuevo León Feature Film

Alexfilm, by  Pablo Chavarría
A singular visual and narrative proposal that achieves with spare elements a new cinema experience.

Short films

Best International Fiction Short Film

Burden’s weight by Vivian Andereggen, from Germany
For being an excellent cinematography piece, brilliant in every aspect and whose impact is destined to linger in our memory.

Honorable mentions
Los niños del río, by Javier Macipe, from Spain
Leidi, by Simón Mesa Soto, from Colombia, for the performance of its lead actress.

Best International Documentary Short Film

Hacia una primavera rosa, by Mario de la Torre, from Spain
For being a solid representation of the Arab spring, in an environment that remains hostile to outsiders.

Honorable mentions
Invisible, by Zofia Pregowska, from Polonia


Owami – I am…, by Diana Menestrey, from Germany


Best International Animated Short Film

Historia de un oso, by  Gabriel Osorio, from Chile
For telling a moving story, simple at first glance but that admits several levels of interpretation, through the highest animation standards and with an outstanding aesthetic.

Honorable mentions
The Master, by Rino Unt, from Estonia


Best Mexican Documentary Short Film
Futuro quebrado, by José Luis Soto Ruvalcaba
For showing us a story that still claims for answers and justice.

Best Mexican Fiction Short Film
Contrapelo, by Gareth Dunnet Alcocer
For showing us the depth of characters that deal with ethical dilemmas in the hardest México, with a brilliant execution and an outstanding performance from Art Bonilla as a common man trying to survive doing his job as a barber as best he can.

Best Mexican Animation Short Film
Olas del cielo, by Gildardo Santoyo del Castillo
For its outstanding use of animation, in combination with music, to create a joyful and endearing tale.

Best Nuevo León Short Film
Vuelve, by Jesús Gerardo Castorena and Víctor Alonso Ponce
For showing the story of a reunion that pays tribute to friendship and memory through the story of two photographers against the backdrop of the majestic landscapes of the desert of Nuevo León and for having a premise and concept strong enough to even become a feature film.

Honorable Mention
Feliz cumpleaños, de Carlos Mendoza Guillén

Audience Awards

Mexican Feature Films:
El comienzo del tiempo, by Bernardo Arellano

Internacional Feature Films:
Enclave, by Goran Radovanovic, from Serbia

Student Short Film Showcase


Best Short Film

Winner of  $10,000 pesos in production services by the channel UNA VOZ CON TODOS.

Nuevos Aires by Ivan García González.
For being an interesting proposal in the search for finding oneself with an unexpected ending, portraying with great technical abilities a current point of view in a simple and straightforward manner.

Honorable Mentions
Efímero by Elizabeth Moreno Reyes
For the originality of a story told with great rhythm, quality and freshness.

Turno 66 by Gustavo Gamero
For a great narrative and an interesting handling of the cinematographic language.

At the end of the ceremony,  Juan Manuel González, Director of FIC Monterrey, recognized the talent of the filmmakers that participated in the Festival.

“It is important to recognize the labour of the filmmakers, and give them a chance, that is one of the responsibilities of FIC, find new roads for their films”, said González.

For the first time, FIC Monterrey gave an award to the volunteer Martín Viesca, acknowledging his work for the fest for the past five years.

Afterwards, the audience enjoyed the film Gente de bien, by the Colombian Franco Lolli, part of the showcase Focus Colombia.