By participating in his conference «My first film: Blood by Amat Escalante», the director spoke with the young people present at Niños Conarte about his experience of writing, directing and editing his first film.

He explained that doing a prime opera is a process full of difficulties, but if you have an interest in doing so it can be achieved.

The leading director gave a conference as part of KinoStartLab, where he talked about his experiences in the seventh art and how it started.

He stressed the importance that festivals have had as a source of income and as a projection platform.

Among his anecdotes he talked about his participation in the Voladero Festival, he participated and won with his short film “Moored”.

“I made a short film called Amarrados, a short film in 1998. It took me five years to finish it.

«When I finished in 2002, I sent him to the Film Festival of my city, Guanajuato and he was rejected from that film festival, he was rejected even in the Guanajuato section. And I sent him to a film festival called Voladero and they accepted him and then he won the film festival here in Monterrey which was the Voladero, ”said Escalante.