The showcase Four perspectives: Cinema and politics in Nuevo León ended with the screening of the documentary Un hombre llamado Bronco, with the presence of the future governor Ing. Jaime Rodríguez, the film promoter, Genaro Saúl Reyes, the political theory specialist José Luis Berlanga, and the producer, Fernando Suarezserna.

At the start, Juan Manuel González, Director of the Fest talked about the transformative power of cinema and the need of this as an alternative to heal the social fabric. “We see that from Monterrey are emerging this films, that deal with political issues at a hard time for the State. By dealing with this topics, it is a healing process fro the community, it helps us being healthier and more resistant to the problems”.

Next, the documentary directed by Bernardo de Urquidi and produced by Fernando Suarezserna was shown.

“The documentary about Bronco becomes a document about what we are living…it is its fundamental achievement. It has an intertext that places us…from there the movie is conditioned to have a long life. It is cinema as a document, because it is not centered on a character, but it opens the possibilities for us to turn and face reality”, said Reyes.

Fernando Suarezserna said that the idea came after an interview, even if he was not totally convinced. “When he finished telling me his story I was fascinated, and at the end, I found a story worth of telling…after three attemps they told, Bronco wants to talk to you. That’s where the adventure started”.  

Jaime Rodríguez said that violence and corruption problems in the state can be repaired, it is necessary to give opportunities to youngsters so they can develop in an integral manner. “All the problems spring from those kids on the street: it all comes from us not giving chances to new generation. We are working for them. If we give them chances, that’s our challenge for the upcoming term”.

At the same time, he considered important to promote the humanitarian side of society: “We can all do something for someone, then there would be no problems. There can be the chain that saves us…Why not face the problems? Why evade them? Because we all want to be in our comfort zone, not paying attention to the others”.

The governor-elect was accessible to the questions from the audience and even shared some personal stories he has lived with his family. Finally, he thanked the audience and FIC Monterrey for the opportunity of showcasing Un hombre llamado Bronco.